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This book is a collection of poems and illustrations created by the author Martin Hollister. He says:
“I believe that my Poetry is suitable to most age groups. The style is a little Milligan-esk and follows a tradition of comedy silly nonsense. The fresh and naive illustrations are designed to add humour and a sense of something novel and new.”
View Martin’s Poem Book

Formit Construction manufactures quality custom designed wrought iron products for the home and garden. All their product range is robustly made to last a lifetime using substantial materials and traditional techniques. They create classic ironwork designs for garden wrought ironwork obelisks and towers, garden arches, garden bridges, garden gazebo’s, garden bowers, garden screens, weather vanes and more. They are a mail order company delivering goods to their customer’s door.
Garden Ironwork

If the above link interests you, then you can buy the tools to create them yourself: They also manufacture a full range of metal forming and cutting equipment, which will be of  interest to customers that intend an ironwork manufacturing venture. The recommended welding process for this type of ironworking is ‘Arc’ or ‘Mig’. Build wrought iron obelisks and towers, arches, foot bridges, gazebo’s, bowers, screens and weather vanes for the home and garden.
Wrought Ironwork Tools

We visited Orlando in Florida with friends who own a luxurious time-share apartment at Westgate Resorts, one of the world’s leading holiday resort ownership companies. Under the owner referral scheme we were able to enjoy two weeks’ luxury holiday accommodation at a bargain price – why not try for yourself:

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