Internet Web Design

Seemore Graphics create web designs using the latest industry-standard software. Our aim is to build appealing, fast-loading sites, which are easy to navigate.

Every project has its own individual needs, therefore, after the initial consultation process we will supply you with a quotation – and we always aim to be competitive. Below is an overview of the services we offer, plus the way in which we would normally build your website.

How we build your web site

Following a successful application, we would typically proceed as follows:

  • Client gathers together all relevant material you would like to incorporate in the site (text copy, photographs, artwork, company logos, etc.), together with any ideas you may have to create a web design.
  • A home page and, if required, an internal site page are produced to allow you to ‘get a feel’ for the site and the current web design.
  • We implement any changes you request.
  • All sites are placed onto our server for you to view the pages.
  • Once you are happy, the complete site is then built for final client feedback, enabling you to add final ‘tweaks’ to the project, and for us to test the site.
  • Finally, the completed web design will be ‘made live’ on your web space, allowing your clients access to the site.
  • Among other services we can offer at this stage are hand-submission of your site to all major search engines and a monthly service contract which includes monthly site health check, statistics report (covering site hits and visitor information, etc.), search engine effectiveness and regular updates to the site (late breaking news items, etc.).
For further information, please use the ‘Contact Us‘ button to fill in the ‘on-line‘ form and we will contact you for a no-obligation, informal chat about the services we offer. Alternatively, please telephone us on Ringwood (01425) 483299.