In the past, the problems of cost for ecommerce, together with the complexity and security stopped many businesses profiting from the Internet.

This need no longer be the case, as affordable solutions have come onto the market, such as WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart and others, we can either supply the software and/or build ecommerce solutions for your internet on-line sales.

These eCommerce software platforms provide ease of use, flexibility and a comprehensive range of features in a value for money ecommerce package. It includes everything a small business needs to design, build and manage a secure and powerful ecommerce store. Backed up by a range of support and service options and a built-in upgrade path to more advanced functionality, these software solutions provide a platform to build a successful online store.

Turn More Browsers into Buyers

These software solutions are designed to improve the performance of your online store, specifically with the aim of turning more browsers into buyers.

The end result is a set of  features that will transform the experience of your online browsers and enable you to:

  • Increase sales
  • Improve efficiency
  • Enhance customer service

We are also Payment Gateway Partners for Sagepay and SecureTrading. Click on the logos in the right margin for more information.

Merchant Accounts

To trade online you need to set up an internet merchant account with an acquiring bank.

A merchant account is an agreement with a merchant bank that allows you to accept payment by credit and debit card. This is a separate account from your business account and because not all banks are acquiring banks, you can have an internet merchant account at a different bank from the one where your business account is located.

There are various types of merchant account available depending on how you want to accept card payments. For example, to take transactions in a shop using a physical terminal you would need a Cardholder Present merchant account. To accept transactions over the Internet, you will need an Internet merchant account, or to accept transactions via mail order or over the telephone you will need a Cardholder Not Present merchant account (this is sometimes called a Mail Order Telephone Order or MOTO merchant account).

Internet merchant number costs

All the banks have different requirements and fees. The rates you will be charged depend upon a number of factors such as the length of time your business has been established, what type of goods you sell and your turnover. Consequently, it is difficult for us to estimate how much this will cost you.

However, you will usually be charged a set up fee, a percentage rate for credit card transactions and a flat rate for debit card transactions. Over time, as you build a relationship and business history with your bank, you can usually re-negotiate these rates.

If you would like a more information please fill in the contact form giving us a information about your proposed project. We will then offer the best solution to fit your requirements.